For the Professional

Drug abuse and dependency are pervasive in today’s society, often devastating the life of the dependant person as well as the loves of families and friends. Those with family or friends involved in substance abuse suffer mental, emotional, and often physical pain while they hopelessly watch as addiction consumes their loved ones. You may find these hurting people provide a particular challenge that can best be served by those who care and understand these situations, first hand. Families Anonymous fills that need, and is a vital part of recovery for impacted relatives and friends. Although FA’s primary purpose is to assist the concerned family member, experience has shown that help for the family means important, indirect, help for the troubled individual.


Many of our members come to the fellowship through the help of Health Care Professionals, Employee Assistance Counselors, members of the Clergy, Mental Health Counselors, Treatment Facilities, School Counselors and Courts. We are here to assist you in providing up-to-date information on how our program can help your clients. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions.


The following documents may be helpful to your clients:

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