Starting a new group can be both exciting and challenging. There are many wonderful resources in the fellowship to help you with making this choice and being successful. One of the resources is the FA Group Outreach committee. You may contact them using this e-mail address:    

We also offer a free "Starter Kit".  The "Starter Kit" includes basic materials needed to start a new group. These kits are available at no charge by calling or e-mailing the World Service Office (shipping is free). 1-800-736-9805 or


WSOF-02: Contents List for "#8001 New Group Pack"

WSOF-04: Literature Catalog

WSOF-05: Literature Order Form

WSOF-05I: Literature Form Instructions

WSOF-07 or -08: Meeting Directory: U.S. or International


The following documents may be helpful in answering some questions you may have.

Starting a new group “Frequently Asked Questions

#5011 - Growing Your New Group Tip Sheet

#WSOF-25 Setting up a Group Checking Account

SS-4 Instructions

SS-4 Form

#WSOF-14 Tips for Secretaries

More information is available by going to the main menu and choosing "Shop Literature", then "Free Downloads".