Groups and Intergroups are the mainstay of our fellowship. While each FA group is autonomous, two or more Groups in a geographic area may unite to form an Intergroup. The purpose of forming an Intergroup is to strengthen each individual group and further support the continuance of the FA program itself. The Intergroup may support it’s member groups by

  • Establishing an Intergroup Office (real or virtual)
  • Providing a central phone line, email address, and/or website for inquiries from the public
  • Purchasing FA literature in bulk and maintaining an inventory for it’s member groups
  • Coordinating Public Information activities
  • Holding an FA “Mini-Convention”
  • Helping New Groups to grow


The following may be helpful links:

#WSOF-29 Intergroup FAQs

Sample Intergroup By-laws

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#WSOF-37 FA Intergroup / National Service Board Registration

#WSOF-37i Instructions for FA Intergroup and NSB Registration Form