Spreading the Word

Our Twelfth Step tells us “Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others and to practice these principles in all our affairs”. This means, in part, that those of us who have found comfort and serenity in the rooms of FA need to help “Spread the Word” about FA and give others the opportunity to experience the FA miracle of recovery, if they choose that path.

The following publications may help in “spreading the word” about FA and are available for free download:

#7009 “Are You Torn Apart”

#7010 “Families Anonymous and the Professional Community”

#7012 “FA Fact Sheet”

#7014 Are you at Wits' End?

#8004 Starting a New FA Group


"The below templates are in PDF format. These templates are "interactive", add text with your group specific information. If you need further information, please send a request to PI@familiesanonymous.org.

Sample Press Release for New Groups

Sample Press Release for Existing Groups

WSOF-34 Hope For Troubled Families for New Groups - Sample Newspaper Article

WSOF-35 Hope For Troubled Families for Existing Groups - Sample Newspaper Article

If you are interested in leading a meeting about spreading the word, you can use the suggested topic discussion below:

A Meeting Topic - Carrying the Message